Boiled Sweets was born way back in 1984 as a Bulletin Board System. As the sysop for the BBS I found that there were many things that I couldn't achieve with the existing software so I decided to develop my own. Initially I wrote them for myself but after many requests from other sysops I gave them away to the BBS community as freeware.

As an avid games player and as a way to really polish my C programming skills I then decided to write a full blown game, balls!32.  After a year in development (and 8,000 lines of code later), it finally saw the light of day and was released to the unsuspecting public.

In my spare time I still continue to tinker with code though most of my time is devoted to honing my fingerstyle guitar skills.

balls!32 was written on a 486 DX2 16m RAM and built for a 32 bit DOS environment using Watcom C v11. balls!32 used Rational Systems DOS4GW DOS extender allowing access to all available RAM (EMS memory was not required). 95% of the code was C, the rest inline ASSEMBLER. The graphics were created using a heady mixture of Autodesk's 3d Studio Animator Pro

26 Feb 2017

boiledsweets.com 2.0

boiledsweets.com gets a much needed refresh!

Now uses a MVC web application framework, CSS3 and other cool current internet tech.

26 Feb 2017

7 July 2002

boiledsweets.com is born

First record of boiledsweets.com

Pretty sure I had registered boiledsweets.com prior to this but this is the first record I can find.

Initally uses HTML but over the years mutated to included CSS, Javascript and Flash thingy-bobs


Boiled Sweets BBS

Boiled Sweets Music bulletin board system (BBS), with it's two modem nodes opens to the public.

Specialised in music, programming and cutting edge computer graphics. It ran on a (blisteringly fast for it's day) 486 33MHz PC