during the composting phase of Soup And Noodles i took a wrong turn wee detour and found myself neck deep in musique concrète.  bouillon! is the artefact of that unwelcome and quite frankly rude interruption

release date : some point in 2021, some MP3 samples below - available for pre-order in the shop


bouillon! #1

the inspiration here was a typical working week, the constant dialogue / challenges / interactions / interruptions and finally the much needed rest

bouillon! #2

erm, probably best just listen to it - clarinet vs spoken word, think the clarinet wins it in the end

bouillon! #3

live jam - what are you doing?  hunting!   hunting for what?

bouillon! #4

a simple, soothing broth to calm one's nerves

bouillon! #5

organ jam, erm!?

bouillon! #6

something is brewing!  i can hear it bubbling, garlic features...

bouillon! #7

blood cells

bouillon! #8

the slow simmer is simmering slowly...

bouillon! #9

they came, they didn't like what they saw, they left

bouillon! #10



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