Soup And Noodles is my first foray into the wonderous world of attempting to constuct / compose eletronic music. 


Listening to the likes of Zappa / Tomita as a kid spawned an everlasting organic precious nugget of possibilities in me noggin.  It has constanstly niggled away, hinting at the joys of what could be found within digital sonic domains.  


What kind of weird and racy things were lurking out there in the vast uncharted plains of generative, ambient, aural soundscape, abstract and nonsensical musical forms I wondered?


Time passed...


...then I pooted forth


Anywhichaways, jolly good, here we are.  It has led to this; my first analog instrument free musical art thingy.

Release date : some point in 2021!  Some samples below.  Available for pre-order in the shop


Prospecting For Noodles

Early cave dwellers faced similar challenges no doubt - the toil and resourcefullness of humankind to seek raw materials for noodles is a wonderous thing to behold

Cloying Noodle

We've all been there folks, let's not pretend.  The challange of making the perfect fried noodle, too little = too wet, too much = oh hello it's cloying!

The Soup Factory (Scotch Broth)

The second piece in the soup factory suite is a cheeky little number.  No-one know came up with the original recipe but boy does it taste good

Penguin Laksa

It is, as you might imagine, a lovely comforting broth that should warm you up, cool you down and make you see both sides of any argument. 

The Soup Factory (Vichyssoise)

You'd better sit down to consume this!


The Soup Factory (Minestrone)

The first in a suite of pieces that have an industrial underpinning.  The soup factory when fully cranked not only creates olfactory compositions that can make the sternest nose sit up and take notice but the musical clankings can also delight.

Kerching Noodle

This little musical ditty is my attempt at representing the time period from just before the beginning of life on earth in the primordial soup to its inevitable end, drowned in a sea of consumerism in 10 minutes flat.

It starts with the simple almost nothingness, then there is an event, possibly extra terrestrial when life begins. Then the slow industry of humankind mining and toiling away, working and making money starts. The relentlessness ensues and the cash registers gain traction until they drown out all until the pile of discarded packaging blocks out the sun and the planet is left belching into oblivion.

You could probably dance to it with some effort I reckon.

Morning Soup

My very first attempt at composing a piece using just an iPAD.  I wanted to capture and convey the lovely feeling when you aren't rudely awoken by an alarm clock - that slow drowsiness that melts away as the melatonin levels drop


If you enjoy this sort of thing and would like to help fund this artistic venture please consider making a donation, thank you!  :-)