©  Boiled Sweets, Rupert Hawkes 2010

When I started playing solo fingerstyle some years ago I decided a good target was to learn ten Adrian Legg pieces. Whilst on this quest I took some detours and worked on other pieces that fell into either the ‘this will help me hone a particular technique’ or ‘that’s a nice tune’ categories.

So finally here is the first batch of tunes, recorded for posterity and your listening pleasure. The second batch will be released on Octopod. Enjoy!

Thanks to Adrian Legg for the inspiration and great tunes. Special thanks to Alice, Ian and Nigel for the advice and encouragement


Catalogue no : BSCD1
UPC : 859702657216
Release Date : 15th June 2010
Playing Time : 43:38
Resolution : 44.1 Khz / 16 bit
Recording location : Studio 56