Legacy PC Games

I've decided to release the full versions of my old published PC games for free.   I have re-compiled them so they should work on modern versions of Windows (8, 10 etc).   Please bear in mind these were written 10+ years ago and I'm giving them away for free "as is".  If you experience any issues please check the FAQ below.  Please also refer to the terms of use


Stopple is a free, addictive, fun, puzzle game for all the family.

Stopple, is a stand alone, installable, directX version of the awesome flash game Bloxorz. This means that you don't need to be online to play it. Simply download for FREE, install and enjoy!

TThe aim of the game is oh so simple, to get the block to fall into the hole on each level. Sounds easy doesn't it? Stopple will keep you amusing for hours whilst you try and solve each of the 33 levels.

Special thanks to Damien Clarke for making Bloxorz and for permission for us to make Stopple.

Release date : 3 November 2007


KeyPeeUppy is a free, addictive and fun game for all the family.

The object of the game is simply to keep the ball off the ground. Unlike other similar games KeePeeUppy features a 3d ball and realistic physics engine so it feels like you are actually playing with a real football (either a standard ball or a World Cup 2006 style ball).

KeePeeUppy also has the added feature of red and yellow cards plus the dreaded bad luck black cat!. You can also compete with players from all over the world!

Get KeePeeUppy now and get in practice for the World Cup.


Interstellar Highway is a modern homage to the BBC Model B classic arcade style game Space Hiway. Interstellar Highway is a simple yet highly addictive game that will keep you entertained over and over again as you try to keep pesky aliens in check.

Interstellar Highway is not your usual run of the mill shoot as fast as possible game. You have to employ a little more guile and patience to really succeed.

Interstellar Highway is also unlike most 'shoot-em-ups' as it features 3D models, that explode into shards, rather than plain old boring 2D sprites fashioned to look 3D! Interstellar Highway also features beautiful particle effects and an original spacey sound track.

Are you ready for the challenge? Can you overcome the unwelcome aliens?


RetroSphere is a fast, action packed and fun arcade style game inspired by Trailblazer from the early 80's. The object of the game is simple, guide your ball down the track to the finish line as quickly as possible. Sounds easy enough but be careful as there are many holes and obstacles that may hinder your progress. One last thing, don't fall off else your entropy will be maximised...

  • 64 levels of z-plane madness!
  • 32 different track tile types!
  • 32 cool, original, CD quality tunes!
  • 1 and 2 player game modes!
  • Practice mode - ability to turn off specific track tile types and allows you to play any track (even your own)!
  • Fully featured custom level editor so you can design and play you own tracks!

qoob is a game of skill, cunning and strategy!

You are trapped in the qoob hexiverse. The only way to escape is to decrypt the
36 bit qoob hexiverse code. To decrypt the hexiverse code you have to visit every qoob world and obtain it's 1 bit world code. The world code can be obtained by locating the code key and code terminal.
Sounds easy but you are up against the clock and there are many puzzles, tricks and traps to prevent your success.

Good luck, go forth and don't become a square!


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Stopple - PC Advisor March 2008

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Intersteller Highway - PC Advisor June 2007

KeePeeUppy - PC Advisor June 2007

KeePeeUppy - PC Advisor June 2007


How do I install and run?

Just unzip into a new folder, locate the .exe and run it!

Windows says it needs to install DirectPlay, what should I do?

DirectPlay is required, so if you see the following...

An app on your PC needs the following Windows feature:


...just select Install this feature.

Is the source code available?


Windows says it has protected my PC, what should I do?

These old games haven't been digitally signed by me but they are 100% safe to run!  Just click more info then run away

Will these run on Mac?

No, they were designed and built for Windows only.  One day I might port them (or at least one or two of them) for Mac

Can I donate some money as a thank you?

Yes, of course!