Legacy PC Screen Savers

I've decided to release the full versions of some of my old published PC screen savers for free.   I've picked my favourite four, perhaps one day if I can be bothered I'll add the others too.   I haven't yet re-compiled them but they should work on modern versions of Windows (8, 10 etc).   Please bear in mind these were written 10+ years ago and I'm giving them away for free "as is".  If you experience any issues please check the FAQ below.  Please also refer to the terms of use


Vorboils is an awesome 3D screen saver. It generates beautiful, random wormholes that wobble, mutate and amaze.

Vorboils is highly configurable (currently supports 258 configurable options) and can even run in interactive mode!

Vorboils can automatically generate funky wallpapers and automatically update your desktop too! Why not customise your mobile phone, Zune or other device with a unique Vorboils generated image.

Vorboils can sync your PC time to an on-line atomic clock, accurate to 1 second in 6 million years! It can display the current time on a 3D analogue or 2D digital clock both with many wacky faces/fonts! 

Vorboils can also optionally display a spinning cube (with a different image on each face) - great for advertising your business or displaying your photos.


Crazy Chilli is THE ultimate screen saver for chilli lovers every where! Watch chillies bounce around your desktop in hypnotic patterns. Crazy!

Features 100 different chillies including the world's hottest chilli, the Dorset Naga!


Starburst is a modern version of the standard, boring star field screen saver that comes with Windows. Starburst features multi layer star fields, star burst effects, beautiful plasma clouds, swirling galaxies, stars, comets, nebulae, rockets, asteroids and UFOs.

Starburst is highly configurable, for example if you don't want to experience a heated UFO battle every now and again simply disable the UFOs. Starburst has been designed to run on low spec machines but is also capable of pushing high end graphics cards. Ramp all the options and enjoy an eye candy fest!

Relax and drift through space on a never ending, calming journey...


Alientrails is a gory screen saver that wobbles, writhes and ripples. Think alien entrails, think Alientrails.

For those of you that like something a little out of the ordinary, something grotesque and squirming, Alientrails is the screen saver for you. Innocent victims of Alientrails have been heard to remark "that's not very nice is it?"

Alientrails will run in every 3D resolution your graphics card supports and can even update your desktop wallpaper with a random alien entrail.

So what are you waiting for, disturb someone today, try Alientrails.


Computer Buyer Feb 2006

Computer Buyer Feb 2006

Computer Shopper 2006

"This is a 3D screensaver that generates beautiful wormholes that wibble, wobble, mutate and amaze."

PC Pro March 2006

PC Pro March 2006


How do I install and run?

Just unzip into a new folder, locate the .exe and run it!

Windows says it needs to install DirectPlay, what should I do?

DirectPlay is required, so if you see the following...

An app on your PC needs the following Windows feature:


...just select Install this feature.

Is the source code available?


Windows says it has protected my PC, what should I do?

These old screen savers haven't been digitally signed by me but they are 100% safe to run!  Just click more info then run away

Will these run on Mac?

No, they were designed and built for Windows only.  One day I might port them (or at least one or two of them) for Mac

Can I donate some money as a thank you?

Yes, of course!